Countless hours of anticipation followed a brief moment of heart beating madness

The moment I seen last years syndicate a still water in the heart of the breathtaking Nottingham country side I fell in love.

The place is a carp fishing heaven for the angler and the carp filled with bars over hangers islands channels bottle necks weed silt and a natural larder full of naturals 

Fresh water shrimp muscles snails you name it it’s got it a feel haven for our quarry.

I can remember the very first day of fishing this ultra hard lake and talking to a few 

Of the original members and finding out that some had only managed 2/3 fish in two 

Season’s and some not a fish landed in a full season witch was a little disheartening 

To say the least.

But still as always I was quietly confident as I had a full year and couldn’t wait to feel 

My way into the place as any angler on a new water should and I was like a kid in a candy shop .

The first night of a 48 was a blank but at least I got to see one of the original members 

Show us how it was done catching a fish called scare at 38 plus pounds I can still remember think oh wow I would love to catch that fish a big old mirror full of more scares than the Chucky doll well in RICH 

We started the ticket in March that went by with us all blanking heavy cutting through into April when I found the place I was to spend most of my time on the lake an area known as Archers I had seen the place a nice the first day we were joined and new it would be a nice summer hole.

So I started dripping in a little bait soon enough I started to catch using some thing I 

New would put me in good stead little tiny 10 mm pop ups knowing that no one else on the lake would be using the deadly 360 rig with a tiny 10mm pop wanting to use something new and try and stand out from the crowd.

And it worked from the get go nailing a little lower double a lower 20 and a upper 20 in in my second to third session so they as liking my bait and my little pop up rig but Morley in my eyes it was down to location.

So the bait kept getting trickled in I fished a 48 hour session every week putting in two kg when fishing and two kg when leaving of the mighty nutcracker from urban baits.

A few weeks went by with not much happening when at the end of April I was on a 48 hour session with again not so much as a bleep fishing zip tight lines over to my snags 

When on the last day with bite time just coming to its end I started to bring one of my rods when my hot spot rod gave out a single bleep and the rod tip was arcing away hitting it instantly I was into what felt like a train jumping to every snag it could try to get me in trying to free it’s self from my hook and after an epic battle managed to net the fish and new it was one of the big girls over the moon hoisted the fish onto my cradle still shaking like a leaf opened the net up to my pb mirror and still today the best capture of my life.

Topping this of when one of the bailiff’s a lad called Tom himself a top angler and friend looking at me in disbelief and then telling me that the fish had not seen the bank 

In over 5 year I couldn’t believe it .

The year went by catching a few upper doubles and a few 20s when the next capture of an A team fish hit the bank the fish that I seen the first day I fished the venue the fish I said in my mind I would love to catch scare.

I got the at six in the morning after after just over a one hour drive the rod in question my hotspot rod rod was only out just over a hour when the dropper hit the rod and again a monster fight ensued diving from over hanger to over hanger line grating over branches that protrude into the gin clear water.

With my knees knocking my heart wanting to burst out of my cheat I guided the fish away from the snags and genteelly closer to my net crouched down rod way back over my head and arm strength to the limit missed the first chance and felt sick to my stomach Hoping and praying it stayed on and while I was cussing and calling my self every name under the sun I slowly but surly guided him well over my net lifting it up and with his full body emerged in my net I had him safe in my net I shouted something I can’t repeat here but as you can gather it was words of pure joy hahar 

I didn’t yet no it was scare just that I new it was an absolute monster but when I open my tracker net up cleared out the leafs realised it was scare the fish I told my self I would love to catch.

We had the fish one the Rubin’s with a tracker storm pole through it up on my and a friends shoulder it went to 37.14 to 38.2 but in the end we settled on 37.14 in the end.


But at the end of the day what is a number what does it count when you have just caught a creature so perfect to say I was buzzing was an understatement and couldn’t stop smiling for a week.

I finished of the year with a few more fish including upper doubles and 20s every one as stunning as the rest but with some meaning more 

But all in all the best years fishing on the best venu I’ve had the privilege to fish and considering I was thinking at the beginning of the I would of been happy just to get amounts a few I was blessed to of had the year that I had.

Would like to say a great big thank you for the netting skills and photograph skills of Adam green Greg myles Ryan Haythorn and Lee Williams.heres to many years enjoying the place we have all come to love and putting some of the mint creatures the place holds on the bank.god Bless Robin Hood country 

Big thanks to Rik Harrington for this article


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