Winter Windows By Ken Whorton

“It’s ok for you,your around here most days”

Well,suppose that is a point,but I could be sat on me Arse in front of the tele.
Effort and reward,simple as that.
Was lucky enough to spend many years helping run the Linch Hill complex.
Bit of building repairs,helping checking tickets etc,became good friends with Del n Jan the owners,great days.
We all think winter fishing has small feeding windows of opportunity,with fish static in the snags,stiff as lolly pops until conditions or hunger dictate otherwise.
“If the roach anglers ain’t catchin on their lighter gear,we ain’t gunna on our agricultural carp rigs. ”
Well,I believe the roach anglers never hooked carp a lot of the time because their rigs were too small.
Imagine the great cave of a mid twenties mouth,sucking n blowing at a size 16 with two maggots.
Unless it shuts it’s gob n swims off,you would have to be very very lucky to hook it.
I fished two days n eventualy saw them jump in the middle of nowhere.
Covered um on both occasions and had a beast each cast.
I fished hard for the 30hrs I was there,not sitting behind my rods for long periods but stalking,walking and listening at night.
A roach angler lost a carp in the same week,hardly conclusive is it.
Mild spells are good for a bite for sure,but have seen them caught in the frost and in mild weather.
A foot from the top in minus 2 and two foot from the bank in high winds.
There are no hard written rules I’m sure,every year,every venue,every angler is different.
Christchurch had a couple of seasons where you couldn’t buy a bite on a boilie.
Particles were the going bait.
Then all of a sudden there back on em.
Is a funny ol game.

Easy life.



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