Northern Nev Q and A (NBD)

How long have you been making bait?
I’ve been making bait all my fish life since I was a kid,always liked to play around.
But have been rolling bait for 20+years.

Tell us about your testing process?

Testing is pretty simple in my eye’s, writing a recipe is easy as long as you know the route you are going down in way of make up. The time is then spent tweaking the way I bind and amount of soluble ingredients I can get away with while tank testing.
Then I take it to a syndicate I’m in to watch the  fishes response to it,note I said watch and not just cast out into an open lake.
It’s here I will watch their reaction to it for the first time. How much they eat and how often they return for more and will do this over a 3 day period.
If they’re eating lots of it and turning hour after hour day after day then it’s job done.

Tell us about your bait making process?

Bait making process is simple .
Mix it and let the machine churn it out and cook.
Each order is done fresh and delivered the day after.

What flavors do you sell?

Spiced Belacrab
Peanut Pro

What separates your bait from the competition?

I think what separates me from others is I make a bait to sell that I’m happy to use myself,I’ve an open wallet to making bait and all the best ingredients to use at any level and I still use the bait I sell showing its quality.
I also bulk out with no cheap ingredients like maize flour and I use no cheap binding semolina.
I don’t use eggs in my mixes as they’re insoluble and lock a lot of ingredients in preferring to use plasmas,isolates,albumen. Plus they’re a Trypsin inhibitor. Trypsin is what I carp’s gut secretes to break down certain proteins with eggs making up 30% of your bait Mr carp won’t be benefiting from a lot of the ingredients you’re putting in in my eyes.
I also steam so as no expensive soluble ingredients are lost in the cooking process.

How is Business who do you supply to?

I supply lots of syndicates with both feed baits and fishing baits.
And also Olivemead fishery.

Do you have an edge you can share with us?

Edge I can share hmmmm
No edge needed really,put plenty of good stuff in and you cant go wrong.
But I do use a lot of natural feed inducing Liquid foods and only low level flavours.
But I do have one liquid that I put in all my baits at much higher level Than anyone else😉

Tell us about your carp fishing background?
My fishing background.
I’m 42 now and have fished since I was around 8. I can still picture a friends dad’s fishing rod that he had hung up in his garage always set up ready to go. I’d stand there looking at it for ages.
I started going fishing with my mate and his dad and eventually was given a go of the rod and caught I rudd. I was hooked and my passion still gets stronger every day now.
I’ve fished for all species but carp were deemed as a scary thing to fish for with their power and my light line and tackle.
I eventually got a rod that was capable of tackling them and the chase has been on ever since.



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  1. Hey there! I’ve been trying to find some ProSushi for my dad for a little while now but I can’t seem to find anything around! Does anyone have any ideas on where I can get this from please?

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