A session to remember

As the alarm sounded out at 4.15am there was none of the usual workday snoozes, it was up bright and breezy with excitement. We was buzzing with anticipation as we was off for a 48 hour session to Holme fen fisheries in Huntingdon. Vans were loaded the night before and everything was ready for the off. We both made our way to the rendezvous point which was the local garage and grabbed some essentials, before heading off towards the motorway. As we headed south down the M6 thoughts of 30’s, 40’s and possibly 50’s filtered through our minds. All the research had been previously done by gathering as much information as we could possibly find, and it was now time to put everything into practice.

After a four hour journey we drove down the small country lane and arrived at the gates, as we pulled in we was greeted by the most amazing view of the big lake. We parked in the first car park and stood and watched the lake for any signs.

The lake is 26 acres in size with average depths of 12 feet, reaching down to 42 feet in places, so spotting fish was possibly going to be a tall order. The big lake was fishing hard and with no fish on the bank for over a week, coupled with high pressures and north easterly winds, a quick call was made to the owner. After a quick discussion it was decided that if the big lake was not fishing well, the smaller poachers pool next door could be the best choice for a night. Permission was granted as the lake was yet to be open to the public and had only been lightly fished since it was stocked.

The lake backed up onto the larger water “The meadows” so the decision was made to fish the first 24 hours, whilst also listening and watching for any signs on the bigger water from our vantage point which gave a great view of both waters.

Two swims were chosen next door to each other, the right hand swim commanding a huge tree line for myself with Neil to the left. Large patches of surface weed covered most of the swim. Out came the marker rod with a bare lead. Finding a clear spot in the weed proved tough and after a dozen or more casts a hard gravel spot was found with a firm “donk” and quickly clipped up. Another 5-6 casts around the area revealed a gravel patch of around 6ft by 6ft, with a very light covering of silk weed. A decision was made to fish the rods with stiff hinge rigs, coupled with bright pink visual 15mm pop ups, with just enough putty to critically balance the bait.

Two rods were clipped up to the chosen spot at 12 1\4 wraps, several casts were made till two perfect “donks” were delivered back through the rod tips in around 5ft of water. The third rod was fished to another clear spot, further up the tree line at 18 wraps. All rods were given five spombs of whole, crushed and crumbed boilie over the top. With rods positioned for the night ahead the kettle was soon on the boil. As we settled in drinking tea and watching the water both in front and also behind, at 11.20 the middle rod let out a single beep, the bobbin then struck the blank and it was away. After a short spirited fight a lovely 30.02oz mirror soon graced the net along with a new personal best [PB] by just over a pound. Resting the fish in the net, while gathering all the necessary equipment the shots were taken and the carp’s microchip was noted, weight recorded and then released safely.

Buzzing with excitement the rod was quickly wrapped back up, and after 3 casts in the dark landed accurately back on the firm gravel spot. Five more spombs over the top and the trap was reset, kettle back on the stove and confidence high. No more action was to be had that night.

I woke at 6.00am to the sound of my alarm and popped the kettle on for the first brew of the day. At 7.10am the right hand rod was away to the shrill of the neville. The fish weeded itself up very quickly with its head well and truly buried inside the floating weed bed directly in front. A long heavy fight proceeded, after twenty minutes a large floating mass of weed neared the now waiting net, one huge scoop and the whole lot was safely inside. The weed was carefully separated, a glimpse of pink, then a head, till a mint condition 31.8lb two tone mirror lay well and truly beaten. Another PB and a brace of thirty’s. Photographs were taken, fish recorded and again safely returned. The decision was made to spend the remaining 24 hours as there were no signs of showing fish on the big lake directly behind us, and a brace of thirty’s too good to be true. Neil made the decision to move swims and fish directly opposite, but unfortunately the next 24 hours were uneventful. A truly memorable session and one to remember for a long time. A return visit was pencilled in and we will be returning for a crack of the big lake next year, roll on 2016.

Tight lines capturing memories.

Big thanks to the lads at capturing memories for writing this article have a look on there youtube page they have got some great videos on there

Capturing Memories youtube channel


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