A Bailiffs point of view Q&A With Steve Bugg

Hi Steve

Thanks very much for doing this Q&A,we wanted to do a Q and A with a bailiff to let anglers know what it takes to run a fishery.

For people who don’t know who you are, Steve is head bailiff at Bayeswater, a fishery in Chelmsford Essex owned by Gary Bayes the Nash bait guru.

1. When did you first become a bailiff?

I was originally the main bailiff of Chelmsford angling Boreham Mere back in the 80’s. I was also a Nash Tackle & Bait Field-Tester, which is how I became to know Gary Bayes.

Syndicate lake

2. How did you come to get the job as head bailiff at Bayeswater?

Before I packed in Boreham Mere, myself and the anglers that were fishing the lake at the time managed to turn a high 20’s water in to a lake that held carp up to 38lb+. Gary contacted me whilst his lakes where being dug and ask if I’d be happy to bailiff his lakes on a daily basis. Gary knew I would be good for his fisheries, not only for the up keep of the fish but also the passion that I have for angling and wildlife.

3. What do you have to do on a daily basis?

I bailiff the lake at least 3 times a day, sometimes up to 5 times depending on how busy it is. I always chat with the members and guests, try to advise them and help as much as possible, whilst constantly checking for any unusual signs.
I have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that I keep up to date on a daily basis. I get a lot of questions regarding the Syndicate and Dayticket lakes which I like to answer as quick as possible, so sometimes social media can be very demanding. I’ll be honest if it wasn’t for the help of my wife Cathy, Bayeswater would not be on any social media.

4. Being a bailiff you must have seen some sights, can you tell us about any?

I’ve seen some poor rigs in the past, which is why I like to help anglers that need it the most. I don’t see many sights but back in the summer I had to reluctantly ask two young ladies to leave the syndicate lake has they decided to go for a swim, which has never happened in all the years I have been a bailiff!

poor rig

Poor Rig

5. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Helping, whether I’m on the bank or social media a lot anglers ask ‘best baiting methods, rigs, swims, how busy is it, how do you join’ the list of questions are endless. So when anglers take my advice and they catch it makes me feel good, knowing the knowledge I have gained I am able to help others. It’s rewarding to see the Bayeswater carp growing in to massive beasts in such a short period of time. I enjoy being outside everyday and seeing the wildlife through the seasons and lets not forget all the new friends that I have made and making week in week out.

6. What is the worst thing about your job?

Finding any dead carp!

7. We see on your Twitter page that you get to photograph a lot of the anglers fish. What is your favourite fish on the complex?

I don’t really have a favourite carp, one I would love to catch would have to be the Coconut Common that’s in the Syndicate. But if I was to have a favourite, the Equals Linear again from the syndicate would be up there.

Equals Linear

Equal Linear which weighed 28lb 8oz when I caught it but now weighs 38lb+ maybe a 40 now!

8.What is your stocking program at the venue?

Both lakes spawned successfully in the first 2 years, so once a year we usually net the Dayticket and take out any carp under 15lb and also we reduce the silver fish population as well. On the syndicate because of the heavy weed we don’t net but every now and then we take out carp under 25lb and put in to our stock pond which is our future.

9.Do you get time to fish yourself and do you fish at Bayeswater?

I use to fish a lot but because of the success of Bayeswater over the years and carp fishing is getting much more popular by the day, I only get a chance to fish for a few hours this might be either chucking a floater out if I see them on the top whilst bailiffing or on my local syndicate Culverts Mere. My favourite time of the year to fish is the winter and because Bayeswater Dayticket lake fishes very well I do the odd night on there.


Steve Bugg

46lb Pb from Culverts Mere

46lb Pb from Culverts Mere caught on a short trip between bailiffing

Pumps due to oxygen crash

Due to a oxygen crash pumps were needed then Gary installed the aeration windmill

Aeration Windmill

Bobby Zamora

Get to meets the odd celebrity and professional footballers, which the family enjoy

Bobby Zamora, Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove, Dean Macey, appeared on Thinking Tackle


Thinking Tackle



Big Thanks to Steve Bugg for answering these questions a good insight into the day to day work of a bailiff!


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