Lac du Coron “A different kind of vibe” New French fishery

A different kind of vibe

France is full of great fisheries, but here at Lac du Coron we wanted to offer a different kind of vibe.

We have ensured Lac du Coron contains an incredible stock of stunning big fish, and we will make sure the lake looks awesome, covered in natural flowers, natural swims and lily covered margins but what is this ‘different vibe’ all about?

lac 1

Hand picked individual and stunning 

“For me one of the things missing from a lot of my trips to France has been the vibe, how it feels, the atmosphere at the lake. At Lac du Coron we are creating a very chilled, natural and laid back atmosphere so that you can combine fantastic fishing with an unbeatable experience for you and your party.

lake shot 1

We have a cosy well appointed lodge with Wi-Fi, charging points, a hot shower and a clean toilet. There is also a chill out area where you can catch up with the days goings on, eat your dinner and enjoy a social, we even have brick BBQ’s and hammocks dotted around the lake so you don’t even need to reel in to have a great social with your mates.

the lodge

Finally we have kept the rules to a bare minimum, we trust you to respect Lac du Coron, the fish and us, the last thing we want to do is be breathing down your neck all week and spoiling your trip.”

Nic Brown

We hope you enjoy the fishing and the vibe, and look forward to welcoming you to Lac du Coron.

For more info contact Nic




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