Ian Russell Q and A

Hi Ian

First of all thanks very much for for taking the time out of your day to do this Q and A.

When did you first get into fishing?

I started fishing when I was about 5 or 6 .. I do remember to this day that I would sit on the doorstep waiting for my Dad to get home from work so as we could go fishing down the river Thames for a few hours . We would catch plenty of small gudgeon and bleak with the occasional Perch . Mega memories with my Dad . This is what most young Carpers lack nowadays they have never fished for other species just wanting carp straight away . There is so much to learn that can be utilised in your Carp Angling.

What is your favourite venue to fish and why?

I don’t actually have a favourite venue as my work allows me to visit so many various types of venues each month . I do miss not being able to concentrate on one water and try to nail as many as possible but I definitely am in no position to moan about my form of employment . What I have learnt from fishing so many varied venues is how to read the water quicker and adapt my angling styles to suit situations faster than most others .

What are your views on the new era of carp fishing? What changes have you seen over the years?

The biggest changes are that most venues are so highly stocked nowadays it’s very easy to rack up a large amount of large carp with very little effort needed . When I joined Harefield in the early 90,s there were about 5 x 30, s in I think it was 40 acres . Mind blowing really as last year in a 2 nite trip on K1 I managed .. 1x 47 .. 9 x 30,s … 2 x 20,s and a double .. A lifetime of gooduns in 1 trip .. The other change is obviously tackle available . Nowadays you can get everything you want over the counter except watercraft .. Lol .. But seriously it’s great to have so much top end tackle available at reasonable prices .

Tell us about the mechanics of the “flick rig”it looks like it nails fish?

Ah the Flick Rig eh . People still see this as a stiff Hinge rig .. Sad really that they don’t look further . The boom is Soft but heavy ie: Avid Pindown so as the soft boom when feather to the lake bed falls in a pile : this allows the rig so much more movement resulting in usually hookholds at the back of the mouth . The small stiff hook section incorporates a Avid LSK hook and makes it so much harder again to get rid of and the hook also lean out beyond the bait which makes it look rather bulky . But I’ve used this as either a pop up or a wafter rig for several years now and it has changed my angling from nailing lots of carp to getting a few less fish but if a much bigger size .



Our company name is Bite Edge have you got an edge you can share with our readers?

Honestly the magazines give away all our edges every month so you will know more than me .. Oh ok try the Flick Rig .

If you could have a chance to fish for one fish dead or alive, which would it be?

I rarely if ever get to choose a target fish but if the situation arose it would be King Fungus in RK leisures Wraysbury North lake .. Mega monster carp .

For anglers wanting to make a name for themselves in the industry what advise can you give them?

My advice is this .. Be successful and be patient . If you catch a few and send them in a good company will probably notice you and approach you . So many youngsters sell their soul for a bag of bait or a packet of hooks .. The trade is small so again if you go about your angling in a respectful and quiet manner , chances are you will have already been noticed .

What is your most memorable catch and why?

In all fairness I’ve had a lot of very memorable catches and experiences because of my Carp Fishing career that it’s absolutely impossible to nail a certain one . Would it be Hortons Shoulders , Frimleys Charlie’s Mate , summerleaze big Fully I just don’t know . So many magical moments have come my way over the years it would not be fair to choose as they all have their own stories to tell ………………….

Tight Lines Ian Russell

Big thanks to Ian Russell for writing this article




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