Size over enjoyment ?


No, you haven’t stumbled upon a woman’s weekly mag, but when did catching larger fish, take away the enjoyment and the thrill, of just catching our beloved carp?

Recently, while on a trip to my local club lake I couldn’t help but think, am I really enjoying doing this?
I had put some serious time, money and effort in to a lot of sessions, only to be rewarded with the dreaded ‘blank’ and on occasion had managed a few 20’s, but why was I putting myself through this when I could fish an arguably, easier lake, but with smaller fish?

Unfortunately, I feel that these days, it seems to be frowned upon, to fish for smaller carp and that your branded a ‘noddy’ or that your not a good angler for fishing for them?

What ever happened to the thrill of just catching these magnificent beasts, admiring the perfection of their different scale patterns and markings and feeling their raw power?

So I decided to have half a day on one of the smaller lakes on the complex and do a bit of surface fishing for the day.
In less than an hour, I had caught my first fish a lovely 6lb mirror with fantastic scale markings and a welcome fight in which it steamed off and put a nice bend in the rod.

I had 6 fish in total by 2:30pm that afternoon and was burnt to a crisp from the summer sun, but the enjoyment that I had from the fight of these fish and the pure beauty of these solid blocks of gold in different shapes and sizes couldn’t be taken away and helped me to get my enthusiasm back!

So remember, it’s not always about catching the biggest in the lake, but enjoying these wonderful creatures, that we have the fortune of chasing and respect them for what they are, regardless of size!

Big thanks to Jordan Sha-Hembury for writing this blog



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