It’s all about the name


Although I’m not a great fan of naming fish,I do understand that it helps identify them and gives them a certain provenance.
Though the “Pig” or “The Mutant” may not be so endearing.
Lots of fish change names through different periods of time,some have comical names”double o done” and the “Banana Common” for starters.
It also Seems a lot of names are given by sharp witted and entertaining anglers and fishery owners alike.
Fletch,a good mate who many people will know from angling,is a classic example.
“The Bus” or to be correct “The number 9 Bus” was the result of Ron Buss’s capture of the fish,before that it had some auspicious names for sure including “The Poo Fish”,remember that,Tony Moores ?.
A common taken from a silt pit,which had coloured water,was pale in colour so our mistro tagged it “The Light Bulb”. Genius,
Not massive but everyone wanted to catch the ” light bulb ” common.
There seemed to be quite a few fish named “Nelson” around the country,not least of all Marlborough pools own star of the past and a fish many anglers would have loved in there net.
“Randells” was named after a good friend and fellow fall out from society ,Ran.
Making a big weight it had to get a tag that anglers could identify with.
I was lucky enough to hold the “Linear”,named because of the line of scales and also the “Apple Slice” ,name for its vivid big apple slice ,scales.
Probably THE most famous of all was ” Clarissa “.
The legendary carp from Redmire pool,a name I believe the captor did not approve of.
“Sally” the common from Savay is my generations most famous I suppose.
As well as”Heather” “The Dustbin” “Mary” to name but a few.
In the past most lakes had a big fish,normaly “Gut Bucket” “The Bigun” or a similarly endearing name.
Judged to be the greediest in the lake because of its size.
There are also bizarre names “Not the,Not the trophy fish” “Two Sides” “Odd Job”.
I suppose it’s not the names that I dislike ,it’s just some meaning well carper that stands over a fish you’ve just caught and warbles,”That’s Three Scale,Dave had that in May at 35″.
Proper anglers would mention it over a drink some time after,don’t pee on me muesli mate….

The lizard
Easy life….

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