Location or Bait ?

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THE two most important things in fishing perhaps.
Like they say “if they ain’t there,you can’t catch em,” yes that’s true to a certain extent,what if they just ain’t there yet..?
The biggest asset that most of the great anglers I know have is for sure,skill.
Dropping ya rig where they want it not where you want it,knowing the difference between “on the spot” and “on the money”
Spots on spots,we know them as.
Sounds easy,but,at three yards out its hard,at 40 yards it’s a bender.
I love stalking carp,mainly the pursuit,watching,guessing,waiting,moving,hiding.
Anything to trick them into thinking it’s ok to grab a bait.
There was a certain common in Stoney’s which caused me some heart ache for sure.
Big bugger she was,ate plenty,as long as it didn’t have a hook attached.
She hung around with a round tailed mirror,cagey little so n so.
I watched her come in,have a look,drift by and come back for a while,I was perched up a tree that had given me some unhappy memories in the past,
I’d had her in front of me before,put a small amount of bait in,off she’d go,never to be seen again.
This time,no bait,size 8 drennan super specialist,9 inch mono hook link and home made imitation pellet bait was put bang on the spot she’d been nosing.
In she comes,tips up,rights herself,nowt…..ffs.
In comes the rig,check it,literally no micro pellets in pva sock go on,back she comes with the round tailed side kick,digs,bangs her head from side to side like a raving nutter.
She did this so viciously and so much that she hit the surface and bow waved for freedom.
Good fight followed by me netting her perfectly at the third attempt,shaking like a shitting dog.

That’s location I suppose,not all the time but a good part of it for sure.
I’m convinced a round bait wouldn’t have scored,not like the sh@t pellet anyway.

Easy Life.

Big thanks to Ken Whorton for this article



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