The Hand Lined Stunner

The Venue of choice today was a local club in Oxfordshire. This place has four different lakes from which to choose. We decided to go for the hardest of the four – a lake known as the Specimen Lake.

The Crays

After casting out a couple of times, we noticed that the crayfish were battering us. The lines were out no longer than five minutes before Ronnie and Reggie stared nibbling at the bait.


We decided to make a move to a lake called Bents Pool. When we move, we move quickly as if we are Ninja’s, and travel light like hunters stalking their pray.

Milf running

Upon arrival, we decided to fish to the island to a bush where we had fished and caught from before. A few donks later,and the blank looking Inevitable from out of nowhere, a hot MILF in yoga pants ran past.

After checking out her cracking pair of trainers and the pheromones oozing out of her, it must have sparked a feeding-frenzy and Craig’s left hand rod ripped off.

craig palying the fish

After striking the rod I realized there was a bit of a Joe mangle in the line, which then was caught and snapped. I managed to grab the line and pass it to the day-session warrior (Ben).


He then wrapped the line around his hand and became my human reel. With a good team effort, we managed to land a nice old scaly upper double mirror.

Craig Mirrior

19 lb bents mirriorTthe essence

close uprelease shot 2

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