SSP Baits Q&A

SSP Baits Q&A

Your company is called SSP Baits how did you come up with the name and what does it stand for?

SSP stands for Sports Specific Products and we are based in Brentwood, Essex. The SSP Group specialise in the human sports nutrition industry, developing, producing and marketing energy food and drinks for the sports industry. We are leaders in Golf energy bars where we supply over 700 courses in UK, and 32 countries worldwide. We also make products for cyclists and mountaineers, so we feel we have a good basis to develop a high performance quality product. Both myself and Kevin Stack are owners of SSP Baits and we have over 70 years fishing experience between us, competition fishing for teams like Trevs Browning and DAM Dorking winning national titles.

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How long has your company been running?

Technically we have been involved in the fishing tackle industry for the past 25 years. We formed a company called Future Angling in 1990, bought a company called Image Angling in 1998, both specialising in the match side of the industry. I run a fishing holiday company called Fish East Asia in Thailand, and we still have the Future and Image brands, which Kevin has always been involved in.

SSP is Kevin’s family business which has been running for some 12 years now in the sports nutrition industry.

Why did you start your own bait company?

It was always on our agenda to do, as we have all the human food technology, access to the best ingredients, and still have a lot of contacts within the trade. We both still love fishing, although both of us enjoy the specialist side of the sport now.


What separates your baits from the competition?

Simple, as far as we are aware, we are the only company with human nutrition experience that makes fishing bait. The regulations and complex ingredients in human food consumption are staggering, it is not only having access to the best quality ingredients, but the technology to get the best out of them with the latest technology. It is not only critical to use the finest quality ingredients but to understand how each one reacts and blends with another. We have scrutinised some baits, and combinations of ingredients nullify the effect, and actually become very difficult to digest. This is where our team really excels in the technology that is at our disposal.

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Tell us a little about the field-testing aspects. What stages do your mixes and flavours go through before they reach the market shelf?

Our first range SYSTEM-X has been two to three years on the kitchen table. The base recipe has been used in match conditions, on some of the hardest lakes in the country like Snake Pit in Colchester, and on rivers like the Trent for specimen barbel. It is only now that we are happy that we have the perfect blend for all types of fishing. The mix has been so popular with testers that we are launching the same base mix in two different colours, a beige gravel and dark silt. This has been interpolated as a summer and winter variation, but it is the same base mix, and all ingredients are consistent with only a small percentage of Low Temperature Fishmeal being the only ingredient not used in the human food industry. All nut mixes, milk proteins and colour ants are human grade, and there are no industrial preservatives, only human class A preservative in the shelf life. All pellets, groundbait and stick mix are of the same base mix, and in two colour variations, keeping the flavour consistent throughout. Hookbaits include Pop Ups, Wafters, Dumbells and Paste, with two liquid glugs and bait mist.

Shelf life boilies are in two colours in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm. Freezer Bait is in two colours in 15mm and 18mm.

To Buy  the System x bait follow link to website


Big thanks to Mark at SSP baits for answering this Q&A

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  1. I’m looking for a new bait to start next year I’m going to try yours and leave my feedback after I’ve tried it for a month or two regards Matt.
    Ps I’ll be In touch in the new year


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