The Linear Diaries Part 1

8/10/15 Manor Farm By Daniel Dyer

After arriving at linear Thursday morning we decided to focus our attention to Manor Farm lake. After a lengthy walk round a near full lake chatting to other anglers and spotting fish it became apparent that fish were showing on the road bank at about 100 yards out to the middle. Although this bank was full of anglers we knew pegs 3 and 4 would become available Friday morning so we decided to set-up up in the car park swims and move in the morning. With very few fish showing in this area of the lake we got our heads down early with very little confidence of a take. We woke up early to motionless buzzers ready to pack down and move.

Once in our new swims, I had a quick lead about for some clear spots and found a lovely silty/clay area at about 90yds with weed behind and in front. This seemed ideal as it was near to where I had seen fish showing early both mornings. Having had mixed results with boilie and particle this year on Manor I decided to try something a bit different. Lots of the bigger fish in the lake have been caught by tench anglers this year and knowing Manor has an abundance of bloodworm I couldn’t help but think some of the bigger fish would feed hard on these naturals. With that in mind I decided to fish an abundance of maggots. Having got the rods on a bivvy sized area I then spombed over a gallon of red maggot onto the spot.
Darkness fell shortly after and fish started crashing all over me and with plenty of liners I went to bed confident of a take. At around 3am the left hand rod melted off and was soon bent into a very angry fish. After a dogged fight 20mins later I slipped the net under my first carp of the session. 37lb on the nose she went and was well chuffed and confident of more.

I decided not to spomb anymore bait out in case I scared any other feeding fish. After chucking the rod back out with minimal disturbance I went to to the sack confident of another awakening. 5am brought a few bleeps on the middle rod and the bobbin hit the buzzer. That was enough for me and was bent into my second fish. 25lb 6oz of mirror carp and I was well off the mark.
10am and 5 cups of tea later, I decided to wind in, rest the spot and go for a walk and see what had been caught through the night. After realising I was the only person to have a caught I returned to the swim and decided to rest my spot of lines and dish at 40yds to showing fish.

Due to the weed in the lake I think this has a massive advantage as the line lay must look awful when the sun is up and I didn’t want to risk spooking any fish that may not return. Through the day I spombed out another half gallon over the spot to let any remaining fish have a free feed. 5pm came and with the rods back on the money I then spombed another gallon and got sorted for the night and made some supper. Myself and a friend sat there until 8:45pm and decided to get an early night as I was exhausted from the previous nights action. 8:50pm and the rod ripped off and I was in again to what felt like good fish. 15mins later I had a beautiful common which broke the 30lb barrier. “That’ll do” I said to my mate and then the right hand rod slowly starts to go.”I’m in again” I said. It was another 30. I was beginning to think am I going to get any sleep tonight. Through the night I banked another 3 fish which took my total to 7 Inc three 30s and four 20s.

I was over the moon to say the least and although I was tired from very little sleep I was already thinking of the next session in 2wks time. After packing up I made the short drive home thinking maggots really was my edge. All my fish were absolutely nailed so the rigs were working spot on just as they should have. I honestly think if you can do something different to the norm on a lake you will have much more success in your own fishing.

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