From a ladies point of view

So firstly I’d like to introduce myself, my names Victoria Hurd I am 27 years old and have 3 beautiful children ,I’m also a very keen carp angler.

It all started when I was a young girl, roughly 9 years old id often accompany my father and my mother to many lakes and fisheries sitting very patiently with a cheap rod and reel combo and my micron m alarm ,I was in my element even back then.

Well ever since then I have been in love with the sport and have been carp fishing ever since. My father terry has always loved his carp fishing and everything I know today has been thanks to him and of course my mother Wendy, it was my my mum that gave me the confidence to be a lady in a very male dominated sport.

Not a lot has changed since those days it still continues to be a male dominated sport but that hasn’t stopped me and it never will, there has been times I have felt somewhat inferior to some of the men I have so happened to share a lake with but then there has been times where I have never felt so welcomed by them. In fact I just recently bumped into a guy at a place I fished for a weekend and he was absolutely wonderful he offered his advice without patronizing my abilities and even taught me the correct way to cast he was such a lovely man ,I walked away smiling that he took time out of his own to offer encouragement and to praise me for being a lady that loves carp fishing. I wish I knew his name actually as would very much deserve a public thank you from myself.

It’s a very rare occurrence if there are any other women fishing whilst I’m on the bank ,I do believe this is down to numerous reasons some of which are to do with women not having the confidence and encouragement not only from their friends and families but also the sport itself doesn’t open its self-up to us women, there has been so many times I’ve been in search of some fishing gear ,on-line, tackle shops you name it there is practically nothing offered in women’s sizes or even designed for a woman. This does sadden me and hopefully one day these big companies will realize the need for a woman’s carp fishing clothes line and even footwear(mostly sizes start from a 7). All these things contribute to woman feeling confident in their sport of choice.

I would like to add that there is a company I wont name that actually do cater for women which is fantastic by the way, but only one company?? Out of all these companies just one. Well it’s a start I suppose.

Big thanks to Victoria Hurd for writing this article

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