Love the Autumn!

Love the Autumn

love the autumn and it’s undoubtedly one of the best periods of the year for carp fishing. Gone are the long, hot days and short nights of summer. The air is cooler and the nights are getting longer. The water temperature has dropped a few degrees, allowing the dissolved oxygen levels to rise which provides perfect conditions for the carp to digest their food. The carp become more active in response to the changing conditions, actively searching for food and feeding for longer periods. This is the time for big catches and also big fish. It’s a great time to be out carp fishing. I find this time of the year is the best time to bag yourself a personal best carp. Get on a quality boilie and be confident to put it in as these carp are looking for a food source!  You can easily go through 5 kilo of boilie in a weekend session as the carp are definitely vulnerable at this time of year for beds of bait or big areas of bait and have regular feeding patterns. You will normally find the ‘big one

Big thanks to Lee Parker for writing this article

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