If you had to be honest,how did you catch your favourite carp.
Was it the first fish to enter the spot while stalking or was it the time you fished on instead of going for your normal cafe breakfast.

We like to think it was all skill and guile,but if we are honest,there is always an element of luck,even if some of it is bad.

We have all had results within hours or minutes of fishing,we’ve also had fish while packing away and leaving those rods out for the last few minutes.

I fished an historic water while on a social with some fellow reprobates a few years back.

Within a couple of hours (less than two tinnies) I had the biggest fish in the lake in my landing net.

Say what ya want,but that has to have a large slice of luck attached ( or fortune as some would have you believe).

The weekend went well for most of us,but better for some,me included.

On the last morning I hooked into something nice which gave me a right ol tare up.

Paul (aka The Terrorist)had the landing net in his hands for an eternity,if there were any cats in the water I would have sworn this was one.

A mate shouted across the lake,asking if I’d hooked a second fish within fifteen minutes

“No,it’s the same one”replied the terrorist,promptly breaking my beloved landing net handle as he tried to net the fish.

Like a famous man once said

“The more I practice,the luckier I get”

Easy life.

Big thanks to Ken Whorton for writing this article

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