Stinky Stuff Q and A

Tell us about your unique product Stinky Stuff?

Stinky Stuff is a complex compound fishing bait additive made in the UK. It is designed to stimulate all species of fish to feed. It can be sprayed on to any bait, lure or terminal tackle. Anglers who use is have complemented it’s adhesion property, where it literally sticks to anything it is sprayed on.

Many people highlight how it is still possible to smell the attractant, even after it has been in the water for several hours. It is called Stinky Stuff for a reason and we re quite confident anglers will struggle to find anything else as strong as our attractant. 

The results of Stinky Stuff speak for themselves. People ask how we know it makes a difference and apart from the highly qualified anglers who have blogged, photographed and written articles in the angling media, there are videos on the Internet showing a Carp eat a leaf sprayed with Stinky Stuff and not touch other leaves around it that had not been sprayed. There also a video showing a pair of anglers landing a carp on a hair rigged ‘twig’ sprayed with Stinky Stuff. We’ve never known a carp keen to eat a piece of wood from a tree before and it demonstrates the appeal of the flavour of Stinky Stuff for the carp to want to eat it.


How did you come up with the idea?

The idea from an old colleague who thought the idea of having something in your tackle box that meant you could change your baits any time during a session, or in fact go fishing when you had no bait ready at home. His example at the time “was, grab some bread, get your tackle spray with Stinky Stuff, off you go.” Things have evolved significantly from this original idea and when we did the tests and saw how strong the attractant was, how it adhered and stuck to baits and terminal tackle, more importantly how it was landing fish from all genres of fishing we knew we were onto something special.

How do you create the product?

There are some aspects that we need to keep under lock and key, however once a formula was put to us, we did many tests out in the field and perfected the contents of the can to make sure it maintained it’s attractiveness to fish. Since then we’ve developed several new flavours and each one has undergone extensive tests in the field, before further refinement is done to increase specific elements of it’s make up. 


Tell us about your field testing process?

The process isn’t hugely complicated. We have a selection of anglers from Coarse, Sea, Carp, Predator & Game. We send out samples of flavours where the angler has no idea what they’re fishing with. They send us their reports and we use this to analyse whats working an what isn’t. Refinements are made with our chemists and we send more out again and again, until we hit the winning formulation. Our field tests are carried out across Europe and in the USA


What flavours do you sell?

Right now we have our Original Flavour, which is like a spicy meat, Cray Fish and Bubblegum Cream. We also have Peeler Crab which was originally developed for Sea anglers, however Carp anglers have subsequently caught on and reported fantastic results. All of our flavours have landed carp, a whole manner of silver fish, sea fish, in particular cod, trout and Bass in the USA.


How long has your company been running?

We re established ourselves after a restructure in September 2015. We’d tested the market and completed field tests several years before this.

Do you have any products in the pipe line to tell us about?

Oh…erm…yes we do. We don’t want to go into details, for our own confidentiality reasons, however we have plans for later this year and into the coming 2 years. Some of these are being field tested as we speak.


What is your fishing background?

I always get a surprised look when I tell people I am purely a pleasure angler. I started fishing as a child, introduced by a family friend to coarse fishing. I take on the odd boat trip at sea and I have fished the odd match. I just love being outside and just enjoying myself when I’m there. Having to concentrate in a match or play one up man ship with other anglers just isn’t me. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy spending time with our Specimen carp guys and watching our sponsored match anglers in deep concentration, but I’m not the one under pressure at the time. The guys we use in field tests are much better anglers than me, but in my humble opinion, it’s just about enjoying myself and my surroundings.

For all inquires and orders follow the link to the stinky stuff website






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