Fuel my addiction By Christopher Marsh

Why is it after a day on the bank I can’t stop thinking about what I could have done better? 

It’s 4am and in awake already, this always happens when a day wetting a line is planned. The car is packed with my mate Gaz riding shotgun. With the weather turning (for the better) we head off for a club water worth high hopes of putting a bend in the rod if only a small one :-).We arrive at the lake to find six bivvies already there and have been there since yesterday. After looking around the we decide to head to the opposite bank, one eye water searching for any signs of movement and one eye on where I was going. As I was setting up everyone seemed to be firing baits at the island and putting their lines on top of the freebies. I wasn’t about to follow their lead, I had opted for the solid bag approach, with no fish showing maybe I could trap a passing carp with a pile of flavour and attraction.I had one line cast a couple of rod lengths short of the island and one in open water. A couple of hours pass with no fish showing, not a single line bite. By this time the island was a complete no go area. A couple of chaps on the far bank had put an end to that, casting their lines across two swims on their bank and into an area close to my swim. With that my thoughts were all pointing to the area of open water between me and the island, the carp were obviously not showing on the lines all cast to the island. I had put a few broken baits by an over hanging tree in the margin time to put a line on it. With both rods out the fun started. The two chaps I mentioned earlier had already taken to flicking boilies to the dreaded no go area of the island. They now had a marker float out pinging it into open water and to island, the words “what the f@#k are they doing” had been uttered a dozen or so times. After a few changes to bait and presentation the carp still hadn’t shown an interest. 
The sun was high in the sky my hopes of setting some shadows cruising had been answered, half a dozen or carp were cruising in open water, this gave me a glimmer of hope that I may see a tight line. With everyone else fishing on the deck I decided to try a zig, a bit of black foam being held on the hook by a yellow fox aligner had worked for me on a few occasions and this could be another one those. With the zig cast into what I think would be the path the carp may take I wait. 
NOTHING, not a liner or pick up registered. The only action my bobbins had seen was a gentle breeze rocking them. I set out at the start of this session wanting my presentation to differ from the others, something maybe the carp hadn’t seen today it wasn’t happening. We had to pack up, it was time to go. 
I saw two fish come out, with 16 people and two lines in each it was very clear they weren’t interested. This doesn’t explain why I can’t get it out of my head what I could of done better. Maybe I should’ve used sweetcorn, something that didn’t resemble a boilie. Maybe I should have used a mono hooklink. What’s not to say a naked chod wouldn’t have worked. All of these thoughts come to me the day after my session, all of these thoughts fuel my addiction.



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