How to Tie The KD Rig By Billy Eden

You’ll need the following materials:

1)coated braid 

2)curved shank hook  

3)split shot for pop ups

4)braid scissors 

5)stripping tool

6)Boilie stop 


Step 1)

First things first you’ll need to take the required length of hooklink material. I like to use Suffix sheath skin and strip approx 6 inches using a stripping tool. 

Step 2)

Next tie an over hand knot to form the hair.

Step 3)

Once this has been achieved you are now ready to thread on your pop up or bottom bait and in the case of the pop up locate the split shot at the base of the bait. I like to use a trimmed down core baits super fruits pop as they have excellent buoyancy qualities.


This is how the rig should look like so far. Note the split shot is tucked away out of site.

Step 4)

Next it’s time to thread on your curve shank hook. I use sharp tackles version as they super strong and extremely sharp! 


Step 5)

Your ready to thread the material through the eye of the hook. I then position it so that the base of the shot is level with the bend of the hook. This helps give the rig greater hooking potential.


Step 6)

I’m At this stage your now ready to whip two full turns as if you were making a conventional knotless knot.


Step 7)

It’s now time for you to carry on whipping for another 6 turns but underneath the hair not on top as you would usually.


Step 8)

Finally it’s time to finish the whole rig off by passing the hooklink back through the eye of the hook and the rig is now ready to go!! Note how aggressive the hook sits? Give it a try on your local lake this coming spring. 

Big thanks to Billy Eden for this article


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