Plus Baits Q and A

Why did you decide to start your own bait company?

I’ve always been a bit of a bait anorak and have been rolling my own baits for around 15 years now. I’ve taken the time to look into the scientific side of feeding when it comes to the carp with regards to how and what they can detect under water with regards to food. Since tailoring my baits to the scientific study, the testers and my own catch rates have been fantastic!

I’ve rolled baits over the years for other anglers that I know, but with a bit of tweaking along the way, I’ve finally created baits like no others out there. Especially with regards to how and why they work so well.


Your company is called plus baits what does it stand for and who come up with the name?

I came up with the name myself, although it doesn’t really have any profound meaning. It works well with our slogan “Add something different to your fishing” which I actually came up with before the company name and is our company ethos. Using a different approach to fishing is a big factor in helping you stand out from the crowd.

What is your most popular flavour of boilie?

I find that most of our testers are big fans of the Toffee Crunch. It’s our longest serving bait and has stood the test of time.

Saying that, the LiveBerry is game changer, and I feel this will be just as popular once it is available to buy.


What process does your bait go through before it hits the market shelf?

Before the components even become bait, there is an extensive research period when the bait profile is created. To reach this, there is a huge amount of effort made to ensure that the full spectrum of nutritional requirements for the carp has been reached. Once a profile has been created, we test it for a minimum of 12 months on numerous waters and in a variety of different weather conditions. There is also some level of tweaking in this period too, to improve or counteract different reactions, breakdown and leakage. Once we have this completely perfected, it is then ready for the external testers.


Tell us about your carp fishing back ground?

I’ve been carp fishing now for some 19 years. It all started for me when a friend introduced me to his dads carp lake. It was only a small pond but after landing an 8lb mirror, I left the roach and rudd behind. Since then, I’ve fished all over the UK and France. I’ve even had the chance to fish Redmire Pool on numerous occasions.

I’ve done the whole syndicate thing for a while and have been fishing mainly day ticket lakes for the past couple of years to see how well the baits fair when fishing heavily fished lakes. Although day tickets aren’t really my cup of tea as they are a lot busier than they used to be, I find that these are best for proving results in a pressured environment.


How long has the company been running?

The company has been running for around 3 years, although this has mainly been a testing period. Baits haven’t been on sale to the general public yet, but with that being said, they will be available to all in early January.

Have you got an edge you can share that you do with your hook bait?

Our hook baits have been designed around the nutrients that carp need to survive, and also how they detect food signals. A massive part of this is the breakdown of the bait, how easily digested it is and the water solubility. If the carp can detect it easily and can digest it well, why wouldn’t you be using it? We also create the bait to change the waters ph. levels of the immediate area to trigger the carp to inspect the baits.


Unlike a lot of bait companies, we don’t pack our baits out with ingredients to water them down to increase the profit margin. Our mixes are solid and the angler will get exactly what the field testers get. In fact, very little profit is made! Our total focus really is all about what is best for the carp.

We are still taking on a few more field testers. The bait comes to you at a discounted rate, with first access to new baits before they hit the shelves. We also supply branded hats (as well as other items when available) to our testers for free.


Contact us

Follow the link to get in touch with plus baits.


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