Core Baits Q and A

Your company is called core baits how did you come up with the name and what does it stand for?

We came up with the name quite quickly to be honest. Our baits are built on high quality bases rather than being bulked out with soya flour, semolina and then having a load of flavours added to them. So the quality of the bait runs right through to ‘The Core’ – when we decided to start offering our baits for sale to the public ‘Core Baits’ seemed to represent this quality running right through the bait.


How long has your company been running?

A. Publicly, we are brand new. Privately we are a group of Carp angling addicts that have pooled together our collective knowledge to develop exceptional Carp baits over the last 20 years. So in terms of producing bait for customers this is a new venture for us. In terms of producing baits that have caught big Carp at home and abroad – since the mid 90’s.

Why did you start your own bait company?

A. With the amount of bait companies popping up all over the UK it was never really our intention to go public and sell our baits. Over the years more and more people have asked for our recipes or to buy some of the bait from us after witnessing our results. In the end we have made the decision to offer our baits to the public. We know we have top quality products produced to the highest standards and we are looking forward to seeing the results come in from people using the bait. They always say there’s no better feeling than catching on your own bait – we disagree; seeing other people out there catching a PB on a bait you have designed is a trip!


What separates your baits from the competition?

A. The standard of Carp angling in the UK these days is very high. With the amount of information out there anyone can purchase a setup, visit their local day ticket and get amongst the Carp. On the back of this, bait companies seem to have popped up all over, most of which offer very high quality products. All of us involved in Core Baits play with a straight bat and call a spade a spade. We’re not going to try and tell you the Carp will be jumping onto the bank to get to our baits because that’s nonsense. However, used effectively our products will help you put more fish on the bank and keep a bit extra in your pocket, as we try to keep our prices ultra competitive.

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Tell us a little about the field-testing aspects. What stages do your mixes and flavours go through before they reach the market shelf?

A. Basically from conception to release you are looking at a 2 year window. The initial testing is done by ourselves so we can keep tweaking it to what we think is right. The bait will then go out to a couple of testers who will then feedback to us their suggestions and obviously what they catch. It might not always be what we want to hear but it is vital to iron out any creases before offering a bait to market. The three baits we currently sell have been developed over the last 10 years with minor tweaks over the last year before we decided to actually sell them. We are working on a new bait at the minute which will be at least 18 months from release and hasn’t even gone out to testers yet. please follow the link to the core baits website

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Big thanks to the lads at core baits for writing this Q and A.

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