AK Leadcore

Where do I start, first of all we are new company just setting out into the big open world of the carp tackle industry, yes you may be thinking oh no not another guy in his garage thinking he’s got the latest and best product on the market.


But it is actually the other way round. I have been carp angling for going on 10 years now and the changes I have seen in that time have been big never mind the older lads out there, fishing a variety of waters from day tickets to intimate syndicates I found my self using many different types of methods, but number one on the list was getting that last few yards pinned down out of the way, Which lead to a lot of time wasted tying leaders etc for different set ups.


This year me and a good friend of mine who has sadly moved 300 miles away so we don’t get to fish much together decided to start getting into the match side of carp angling, competing our first match in the northern carp cup 2015, As you may we’ll know the saying “if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail” with that in mind I spent about a week splicing drop off in-line leaders for solid pva bags to save time during the match, this sparked a brain wave as I would of much rather purchased a bulk amount of pre spliced leaders at a reasonable price in order to spend more time on rigs etc.


This is where AK Leadcore was born. I spent hours and days researching the industry and finding the anglers requirements For which the mrs hated me for, but I got there and developed a wide range of leadcore leader systems such as: Leadclip, Heli / chod, Inline, Inline drop off with options of weed green, silt and gravel. Complete with all relevant terminal tackle. Feel free to keep In touch with us at AK Leadcore through Facebook, Twitter Instagram and our website http://www.akleadcore.co.uk 


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