Yately Copse Lake Part 1

In Search Of My First Yateley Copse Lake Stunner

Hi, my names Owen.

I would like to welcome you to my first article and thank you for taking the time to read it. I have recently joined Farnham Angling Society, so I have the opportunity to fish the famous Yateley Complex. On my first arrival to the complex I found that the Match Lake was more popular than the other lakes on site, after a lap of each lake I decided I was going to focus on the Copse lake for my next season or so. I’ve done five nights so far and unfortunately haven’t been lucky enough to bank my first fish. However, I have seen fish sunning themselves in the shallows through the crystal clear water, from climbing certain trees surrounding the lake. I arrived early on Tuesday morning, with a 72hr session ahead of me. With a change of swim from my previous sessions, I was confident in getting my first bit of action on this session. I found a couple of clear areas amongst the weed and scattered around 30-50 baits over each spot and left the rods in for a couple hours whilst I got my bivvy sorted. I also was hoping to see if any early signs of carp would show over my lightly baited spots. I eventually got the rods out by mid day and sat back reading Carpology. The rods had been out a few hours and evening was approaching quickly. From what I’ve heard from a couple of my mates evening time seems to be the best opportunity to bank a fish on this lake, so I sat back confidently. Unfortunately, Tuesday went by uneventful,

I got my head down for an early night in hope I’d be awoken by my first take on the lake. Unfortunately, I was awoken by light rain coming down onto the roof of my bivvy, Wednesday went by quietly with just the odd coot diving on my left hand spot and a couple of fizzers on my margin spot. Knowing I was going home the next day I was really hoping for that last night bite… So I sat back watching programmes on my iPad as I wanted to give myself the best opportunity of hearing carp show their selves, through the darkness. Time went on and I began fighting my eyes to stay open. With It approaching 3:30am, and with not hearing a single fish, just coots and the odd mink or rat rummaging through the pile of leaves surrounding my swim, I decided to get some rest in hope of being awoken by a take early morning.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, another blank on the complex for myself. However, after speaking to a few anglers and the Bailiff, only 4 fish had been out in two weeks so I can’t be too disappointed. I will soon be back in hunt for my first Yateley stunner once again. Enjoy the photos,

Tight Lines All, Owen.

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