What Keeps Me Going Back

Hello everyone my name Is Matthew Fleet, I’m located In the West Midlands and an avid Carp angler both here In the UK and In France
I was recently approached by Bite Edge and asked If I would be Interested In doing an article? Without hesitation the answer was yes, After having a think I came up with a topic to write about, Something I have been doing now for many years and the attraction and lure of doing It still fills me with excitement, The very topic I’m talking about Is France.
Being honest with you all I can not remember the exact year I arranged my first trip across the channel, What I do remember Is me and a good friend flew over and hired all the tackle taking only terminal tackle with us from the UK, The venue we’d chosen was recently purchased by Two gentleman funnily enough from Birmingham,  It needed some TLC which I’m pleased to say many years on has now received and looks stunning
Being our first ever trip angling for Carp outside of the UK we found things a lot different to what we do In the UK, We managed a few captures mostly upper twenty’s
After a brief taste of overseas Carp angling I’ve since ventured to different venues across France taking up the drive and survive option booking the lake on an exclusive basis
One of my favourite venues for doing this Is on a lake called Lords lake, Only a small venue but It’s home to some superb fish
Pictured below are Just a few captures I’ve been lucky enough to slip the net under during my trips to this special little lake
148_f 152_f 161_f
Another venue I have had the pleasure of visiting Is a venue In splendid surroundings called Jonchery 7, Situated by the side of the famous Orient, Five acres In size and home to yet more stunning Carp, Booked also on a drive and survive / exclusive basis
Pictured below are a few of the lakes residents I was lucky enough to slip my net under
186_f 190_f 192_f
I often get asked don’t you get fed up of the long Journey’s?, The organising?, Most who put this question to me I hasten to add are non anglers, My answer Is always the same I have as much passion and the feel of excitement now as I did on my first trip to France all those years ago, The chance to angle for Carp of this quality only becomes available to me once a year
I’m already booked up for 2016 and counting down the days as long as I’m able to do so? The French Carp scene will always keep me going back
Thanks for reading tight lines and happy angling
Big Thanks to Matthew Fleet for writing this article

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